Discom TAS USB measurement frontend

TAS08 USB measurement frontend

TAS front

TAS front

The measurement frontend TAS08 can be used both as a mobile measurement system in combination with a laptop as well as a integrated part of any PC. It has the outer dimensions of a 5¼" CD drive and will plug into such a PC slot. It is the heart of the Discom Rotas-TAS-19" measurement PC. The data interface is USB 2.0 with data transfer rates of 28 MBytes per second allowing easy transfer of all module data to the PC. The TAS system has an additional 12 Volt power input. For up to 6 channels it can operate by USB power only.

Test Stand operation

TAS in an  industrial PC

TAS in an industrial PC

Integrated into the Discom 19" PC, it features for transmission applications: 4 speed inputs (TIS24) for all-wheel drive units, up to 8 sensors with 4 A/D modules TAD96 For engine test: Input for encoder, 0-degree and camshaft gating via TAS24 up to 8 sensors with 4 A/D modules TAD96.

Fast and accurate: A/D inputs with 100 kHz sampling rate per channel and 24 bit resolution, AC, DC und ICP-inputs. Speed inputs with up to 10 MHz pulse rate. Internal bus system with 6 free slots for A/D-, D/A and speed modules. Outer dimensions of a 5¼”-CD drive for flexible PC integration.

Efficient: Using modern, power saving parts, the system is low powered and will operate with 6 channels just from the USB power of 2.5 W alone. Even with all modules, it will not need any fan and is therefore totally quiet for in-vehicle noise measurements.